Differential Equations Compatible with KZ Equations

Research paper by G. Felder, Y. Markov, V. Tarasov, A. Varchenko

Indexed on: 01 Jun '00Published on: 01 Jun '00Published in: Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry


We define a system of ‘dynamical’ differential equations compatible with the KZ differential equations. The KZ differential equations are associated to a complex simple Lie algebra g. These are equations on a function of n complex variables zi taking values in the tensor product of n finite dimensional g-modules. The KZ equations depend on the ‘dual’ variable in the Cartan subalgebra of g. The dynamical differential equations are differential equations with respect to the dual variable. We prove that the standard hypergeometric solutions of the KZ equations also satisfy the dynamical equations. As an application we give a new determinant formula for the coordinates of a basis of hypergeometric solutions.