Different exact structures on the monomorphism categories

Research paper by Rasool Hafezi, Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah

Indexed on: 05 Feb '21Published on: 06 Oct '19Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Representation Theory


Let $\mathcal{X}$ be a resolving and contravariantly finite subcategory of $\rm{mod}\mbox{-}\Lambda$, the category of finitely generated right $\Lambda$-modules. We associate to $\mathcal{X}$ the subcategory $\mathcal{S}_{\mathcal{X}}(\Lambda)$ of the morphism category $\rm{H}(\Lambda)$ consisting of all monomorphisms $(A\stackrel{f}\rightarrow B)$ with $A, B$ and $\rm{Cok} \ f$ in $\mathcal{\mathcal{X}}$. Since $\mathcal{S}_{\mathcal{X}}(\Lambda)$ is closed under extensions then it inherits naturally an exact structure from $\rm{H}(\Lambda)$. We will define two other different exact structures else than the canonical one on $\mathcal{S}_{\mathcal{X}}(\Lambda)$, and the indecomposable projective (resp. injective) objects in the corresponding exact categories completely classified. Enhancing $\mathcal{S}_{\mathcal{X}}(\Lambda)$ with the new exact structure provides a framework to construct a triangle functor. Let $\rm{mod}\mbox{-}\underline{\mathcal{X}}$ denote the category of finitely presented functors over the stable category $\underline{\mathcal{X}}$. We then use the triangle functor to show a triangle equivalence between the bounded derived category $\mathbb{D}^{\rm{b}}(\rm{mod}\mbox{-}\underline{\mathcal{X}})$ and a Verdier quotient of the bounded derived category of the associated exact category on $\mathcal{S}_{\mathcal{X}}(\Lambda)$. Similar consideration is also given for the singularity category of $\rm{mod}\mbox{-}\underline{\mathcal{X}}$.