Dietary Supplementation of Potato Peel Powders Prepared from Conventional and Organic Russet and Non-organic Gold and Red Potatoes Reduces Weight Gain in Mice on a High-Fat Diet

Research paper by Salem Elkahoui, Glenn E. Bartley, Wallace H. Yokoyama, Mendel Friedman

Indexed on: 08 Jun '18Published on: 07 Jun '18Published in: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


The present study investigated the potential of potato peel powders, high in bioactive phenolic compounds and glycoalkaloids, to reduce weight gain in mice consuming a high-fat diet. Potato peel powders were prepared from the following fresh commercial potato varieties by hand-peeling and then freeze-drying and grinding the peels into powder: non-organic (conventionally grown) gold, red, and Russet and organically grown Russet. Mice diets (25% fat by weight) were supplemented with either 10 or 20% potato peel powders for 3 weeks. In comparison to the control diet, the isocaloric and isonitrogenous peel-containing diets induced a reduction in weight gain that ranged from 17–45% (10% peel diets) to 46–73% (20% peel diets), suggesting that differences in weight gain are associated with the potato peel source and peel concentration of the diet. Weight reductions were accompanied by reduced epididymal white adipose tissue ranging from 22 to 80% as well as changes in the microbiota analyzed using next-generation sequencing and in obesity-associated genetic biomarkers determined by the quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. Safety aspects and possible mechanisms of the antiobesity effects are discussed in terms of the composition of the bioactive potato peel compounds, which were determined using high-performance liquid chromatography. The results suggest that potato peels, a major peeling byproduct of potato processing used to prepare fries, chips, and potato flour, that showed exceptionally high antiobesity properties in fat mice, have the potential to serve as an antiobesity functional food.

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