Dielectrophoretic manipulation and characterization of herpes simplex virus-1 capsids

Research paper by Michael P. Hughes, Hywel Morgan, Frazer J. Rixon

Indexed on: 01 Aug '01Published on: 01 Aug '01Published in: European Biophysics Journal


The dielectrophoretic behaviour of the capsids of herpes simplex virus type-1 has been measured over a range of conductivities of KCl solutions, with and without the addition of mannitol. The dielectrophoretic response of the capsids was recorded by measuring the frequency corresponding to zero dielectrophoretic force. The data were analysed using a multi-shelled model, and the permittivity and conductivity of the particles estimated. The capsid was modelled as a porous protein shell through which suspending medium passes, an inner chamber containing suspending medium in equilibrium with the outside, and a central core of protein (the scaffold). Capsids suspended in KCl without mannitol exhibited a different behaviour to those suspended in KCl with mannitol.