Die Feinstruktur gefriergebrochener Hormongranula

Research paper by W. Buchheim, U. Welsch

Indexed on: 01 Sep '72Published on: 01 Sep '72Published in: Cell and Tissue Research


Freeze-fractured preparations (with and without etching procedures) of guineapig and rat thyroid (C-) cells and anterior pituitary (somatotropic-) cells have been investigated with the electron microscope. The hormone granules of these cells in general split either between the two lamellae of their unit membrane or between the granule contents and the unit membrane. Only rarely cross-broken granules have been observed. Inner and outer lamella of the unit membrane of the C-cell granules contain in more or less similar frequency moderate amounts of protein particles of 100–200 Å diameter. In case of the somatotrophs the outer lamella contains higher numbers of these particles than the inner one. The contents of the C-cell and somatotroph granules seems to consist of densely packed 80–100 Å particles. A particular zone between contents and membrane (as observed on micrographs with conventional electron microscopy) could not be detected on freeze-fractured preparations. The etching procedure does not reveal additional details of the granule structure.A size distribution curve of the C-cell granules as determined from stereo-pairs, is given.