Die Feinstruktur der Gallenblase und der Gallengänge

Research paper by L. Luciano

Indexed on: 01 Mar '72Published on: 01 Mar '72Published in: Cell and Tissue Research


Fine structures of the ductus hepaticus communis, ductus cysticus and ductus choledochus of mice as well as of the ductus hepatici and ductus choledochus of rats have been investigated.In the ductus hepaticus communis and ductus cysticus of the mouse there are cells that are similar to the principal cells of the gall bladder epithelium. In addition both these ducts and especially the ductus choledochus contain cells with mucigen granules. There are three further cell types, irregularly distributed in the epithelium of the three ducts: brush cells, goblet cells and basal granulated cells. Macrophages (wandering cells) are present in epithelia.In the ductus hepatici of the rat the epithelial cells are displaying fine structures similar to those of the ductus hepaticus of the mouse. The ductus choledochus however presents cells with many filaments and desmosomes. Again between these cells there are macrophages, brush cells, goblet cells and basal granulated cells.The differences in the fine structure of the epithelium of the ductus choledochus of mouse and rat are discussed.