Device profile of the Coala Heart Monitor for remote monitoring of the heart rhythm: overview of its efficacy.

Research paper by Per P Insulander, Carina C Carnlöf, Karin K Schenck-Gustafsson, Mats M Jensen-Urstad

Indexed on: 28 Feb '20Published on: 27 Feb '20Published in: Expert review of medical devices


: Several handheld thumb ECG devices for on-demand recording of heart rhythm have become available lately. These can be used both by health-care providers and purchased by laypersons for private use.: This profile describes the Coala Heart Monitor. This device differs from other handheld ECG monitors in three aspects: 1) it records both thumb and chest ECGs, 2) it uses both RR-dispersion and P-wave morphology for detecting atrial fibrillation, and 3) in synchronization with the chest ECG, it also records heart sounds presented as a phonocardiogram making measurement of systolic time intervals possible. The sensitivity and specificity for detecting atrial fibrillation are high. The use of systolic time interval in patients with heart failure has so far not been evaluated.: The increasing use of long-term prescribed and privately owned handheld ECG devices for on-demand recording of heart rhythm will most probably cause a paradigm shift in arrhythmia diagnostics. Coala Heart Monitor´s use of both chest and thumb recordings as well as analyzing both RR-dispersion and P-wave morphology may offer an advantage in diagnosing atrial fibrillation.