Development of the Malpighian tubules in Cloeon dipterum (Ephemeroptera).

Research paper by Hans H Nüesch

Indexed on: 01 Aug '88Published on: 01 Aug '88Published in: Journal of Morphology


The development of the Malpighian tubules is studied in Cloeon dipterum through all stages from the youngest larva to the adult. The Malpighian tubules are found to be outgrowths of the posterior part of the endodermal midgut and not of the ectodermal hindgut. In the adult the part of the intestine with the tubule openings becomes separated by an ingrowing fold of the epithelium from the anterior main part of the midgut that forms a large thin-walled and air-filled bladder. The characteristics of the developmental stages, which served to determine the age of the animals, are given. Copyright © 1988 Wiley-Liss, Inc.