Development of polyvinyl alcohol and apple pomace bio-composite film with antioxidant properties for active food packaging application.

Research paper by Kirtiraj K KK Gaikwad, Jin Yong JY Lee, Youn Suk YS Lee

Indexed on: 30 Aug '16Published on: 30 Aug '16Published in: Journal of Food Science and Technology


Active antioxidant food packaging films were developed by incorporation of apple pomace (AP) with 1, 5, 10, and 30 % (w/w) into polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) matrix. A complete thermal, structural, mechanical and functional characterization was carried out. The findings of this study showed that the incorporation of AP into PVA films enhanced the total phenolic content and antioxidant properties. As regards the physical properties, higher AP content incorporated into PVA films revealed significantly lower tensile strength, elongation at break and increase in thickness. PVA-AP films exhibited lower transparency value compared to control film. The thermal stability of PVA-AP films was improved and grew with the increasing concentration of AP. FTIR spectra indicated that protein-polyphenol interactions were involved in the PVA-AP films. Rough surface and compact-structure were observed in PVA-AP films. The storage study of soybean oil at 60 °C in PVA-AP pouch showed the antioxidant activity and the effectiveness for delaying its lipid oxidation.