Development of Learning Devices Based on Discovery Learning Assisted Geogebra Models to Improve Self-regulated Learning of Students at SMP Negeri 1 Stabat

Research paper by Anggita Widyasari Leung, Hasratuddin, Hermawan Syahputra

Indexed on: 23 Dec '18Published on: 18 Dec '18Published in: American Journal of Educational Research


This study aims to: 1) find the learning device based models discovery learning that meet the criteria aided GeoGebra effective; 2) analyzing the increase in self-regulated learning of students using the learning tools developed. This research is a development research using a four-D model which carried out 4 stages, namely define, design, develop, and dessiminate. The subjects of this study were seventh grade of students at SMP Negeri 1 Stabat. Teaching materials generated from this study are: Learning Implementation Plans (RPP), teacher books (BG), student books (BS), and student worksheets (LKS). From the results of trial trials I and II obtained: 1) learning devices based on discovery learning effective geogebra-assisted models; 2) there is an increase in self-regulated learning of students by using approach based discovery learning geogebra-assistedon the first trial to obtain an average score of 69.56%, and an increase in the second trial with an average score of 80.18% .