Development of information technologies and algorithms for generation of block-structured adaptive grids in complex domains

Research paper by Yuriy Dimitrienko, Andrey Zakharov

Indexed on: 24 Dec '18Published on: 21 Dec '18Published in: Journal of physics. Conference series


The paper covers the area of block-structured adaptive grid generation for finite-difference, finite-element and finite-volume methods. It deals with a problem of development of information technologies and algorithms for generating of such grids in complex geometries. Its key idea is to bring together the different existing techniques for computer-aided geometric design of domains, grid generation, and subdivision. The methods used for a construction of domain geometries and working with block-structured quasi-continuous grids are discussed. The results in the generation of three-dimensional adaptive grids for the domain of external flow near a hemisphere, flow around a surface of the high-speed aircraft of the Falcon HTV-2 type and for the domain of the gap between a wheel and a body of an aircraft are analyzed. The presented methods and algorithms for grid generation have the following advantages: 1. The grids are structured and mesh cells are hexahedra in the entire domain. ...