Development of equipments for determination of BNCT source spectral parameters.

Research paper by J J Burian, B B Jansky, M M Marek, E E Novak, L L Viererbl, A C AC Fernandes, Yu A YA Kaschuck, L A LA Trykov, V S VS Volkov

Indexed on: 17 Aug '04Published on: 17 Aug '04Published in: Applied Radiation and Isotopes


The knowledge of neutron and gamma ray energy spectra can strongly influence the BNCT information about delivered dose to target volume as well as to the surface healthy tissue region. This region is very often decisive to stay within the recommended healthy tissue limit. Modification of neutron Bonner spectrometer to one block i.e. Bonner spectrometer monoblock (BSM) and gamma ray Si semiconductor spectrometer are being developed and verified in real conditions of LVR-15 reactor beam. Test measurements were also carried out in conditions of known standard spectra. The accepted procedure and the first results documenting the sensitivity BSM to different spectra are presented.