Development of endosperm inScrophularia himalensis with a discussion on the variation in the endosperm of the tribeScrophularieae (Scrophulariaceae)

Research paper by N. N. Bhandari, S. Natesh

Indexed on: 01 Sep '85Published on: 01 Sep '85Published in: Plant systematics and evolution = Entwicklungsgeschichte und Systematik der Pflanzen


Scrophularia himalensis has anab initio cellular endosperm. A transverse division separates a micropylar chamber from a chalazal chamber. The second division is vertical in both, the third is also vertical but at right angles to the second and restricted to the micropylar chamber just as the fourth transverse division. The four-celled micropylar haustorium is branched, highly aggressive, and persists for a long time during seed development. The bicelled chalazal haustorium is non-aggressive and is relatively short-lived. The endosperm proper is ruminate. Variation in the early ontogeny of the endosperm and the structure of endosperm haustoria in the tribeScrophularieae are evaluated.