Development of Data Registration and Fusion Methods for Measurement of Ultra-Precision Freeform Surfaces.

Research paper by Ling Bao LB Kong, Ming Jun MJ Ren, Min M Xu

Indexed on: 13 May '17Published on: 13 May '17Published in: Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)


The measurement of ultra-precision freeform surfaces commonly requires several datasets from different sensors to realize holistic measurements with high efficiency. The effectiveness of the technology heavily depends on the quality of the data registration and fusion in the measurement process. This paper presents methods and algorithms to address these issues. An intrinsic feature pattern is proposed to represent the geometry of the measured datasets so that the registration of the datasets in 3D space is casted as a feature pattern registration problem in a 2D plane. The accuracy of the overlapping area is further improved by developing a Gaussian process based data fusion method with full consideration of the associated uncertainties in the measured datasets. Experimental studies are undertaken to examine the effectiveness of the proposed method. The study should contribute to the high precision and efficient measurement of ultra-precision freeform surfaces on multi-sensor systems.