Development of an analysis method for determination of sulfonamides and their five acetylated metabolites in baby foods by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry (Orbitrap-MS).

Research paper by Ülgen I ÜI Konak, Muharrem M Certel, Bülent B Şık, Timur T Tongur

Indexed on: 16 May '17Published on: 16 May '17Published in: Journal of Chromatography B


A high sensitive and reliable multiresidue method was developed and validated for determination of twelve sulfonamides and five acetylated metabolites in baby foods by using UHPLC-Orbitrap-MS. The sample preparation included two extraction methods as QuEChERS and ASE. The original QuEChERS method was performed, whereas ASE method was optimized to achieve the best recovery for all analytes. UHPLC-Orbitrap-MS parameters were optimized to obtain good retention and separation in LC and high sensitivity and selectivity in MS. The performance of the method was evaluated according to the European Commision Decision 2002/657/EC. Matrix matched calibration curves showed good r(2) (≥0.999) and LOQ was ranged from 0.10 to 0.55μg/kg. ASE was significantly more effective for extraction of the analytes (recovery ranged from 75.5 to 96.6% with RSD≤10.1%) than QuEChERS (recovery ranged from 60.9 to 85.9% with RSD≤19.1%). This method was applied to the analysis of 47 different baby foods and no positive samples were found.