Development of a magnetic coagulant based on Moringa oleifera seed extract for water treatment.

Research paper by Tássia R T TR Santos, Marcela F MF Silva, Leticia L Nishi, Angélica M S AM Vieira, Márcia R F MR Klein, Murilo B MB Andrade, Marcelo F MF Vieira, Rosângela R Bergamasco

Indexed on: 09 Jan '16Published on: 09 Jan '16Published in: Environmental Science and Pollution Research


In this work, to evaluate the effectiveness of the coagulation/flocculation using a natural coagulant, using Moringa oleifera Lam functionalized with magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, producing flakes that are attracted by an external magnetic field, thereby allowing a fast settling and separation of the clarified liquid, is proposed. The removal efficiency of the parameters, apparent color, turbidity, and compounds with UV254nm absorption, was evaluated. The magnetic functionalized M. oleifera Lam coagulant could effectively remove 90 % of turbidity, 85 % of apparent color, and 50 % for the compounds with absorption at UV254nm, in surface waters under the influence of an external magnetic field within 30 min. It was found that the coagulation/flocculation treatment using magnetic functionalized M. oleifera Lam coagulant was able to reduce the values of the physico-chemical parameters evaluated with reduced settling time.

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