Development of a large-area silicon α-particle detector.

Research paper by Linh T LT Tran, Dale A DA Prokopovich, Michael L F ML Lerch, Marco M Petasecca, Rainer R Siegele, Mark I MI Reinhard, Vladimir V Perevertaylo, Anatoly B AB Rosenfeld

Indexed on: 14 Jul '14Published on: 14 Jul '14Published in: Applied Radiation and Isotopes


Circular ion-implanted silicon detector of α-particles with a large, 5-cm(2), sensitive area has been developed. An advantage of the detector is that the detector surface is easily cleanable with chemicals. The hardened surface of the detector shows no signs of deterioration of the spectroscopic and electrical characteristics upon repeated cleaning. The energy resolution along the diameters of the detector was (1.0±0.1)% for the 5.486-MeV α-particles. Detailed tests of the charge collection efficiency and uniformity of the detector entrance window were also performed with a 5.5-MeV He(2+) microbeam.