Deutsch Algorithm on Classical Circuits

Research paper by Osman Kaan Erol

Indexed on: 21 Mar '08Published on: 21 Mar '08Published in: Quantum Physics


The well-known Deutsch Algorithm (DA) and Deutsch-Jozsha Algorithm (DJA) both are used as an evidence to the power of quantum computers over classical computation mediums. In these theoretical experiments, it has been shown that a quantum computer can find the answer with certainty within a few steps although classical electronic systems must evaluate more iterations than quantum computer. In this paper, it is shown that a classical computation system formed by using ordinary electronic parts may perform the same task with equal performance than quantum computers. DA and DJA quantum circuits act like an analog computer, so it is unfair to compare the bit of classical digital computers with the qubit of quantum computers. An analog signal carrying wire will of course carry more information that a bit carrying wire without serial communication protocols.