Deuterium retention in RAFM steels after high fluence plasma exposure

Research paper by Y.Martynova, S.Möller, M.Rasiński, D.Matveev, M.Freisinger, K.Kiss, A.Kreter, B.Unterberg, S.Brezinsek, Ch.Linsmeier

Indexed on: 31 Oct '17Published on: 01 Aug '17Published in: Nuclear Materials and Energy


•Deuterium retention in RAFM steel EUROFER’97, steel P92, pure iron and tungsten was measured after exposure to deuterium/helium plasma at fluences ≥ 1026 D/m2.•Exposure resulted in D retention for steels in the 1019 D/m2 range predominantly at depths ≥8.6 µm.•The steels studied exhibited similarities in D detrapping behavior and dependence on He admixture.•Surface composition and morphology are assumed not to play a critical role in D retention, which is mostly attributed to carbide precipitates and grain boundaries in steel bulk material.