Determining the structure of phosphorus in phase IV.

Research paper by Takahiro T Ishikawa, Hitose H Nagara, Koichi K Kusakabe, Naoshi N Suzuki

Indexed on: 12 Apr '06Published on: 12 Apr '06Published in: Physical review letters


We explore the unknown structure of phosphorus in phase IV (P-IV phase) based on first-principles calculations using the metadynamics simulation method. Starting from the simple cubic structure, we find a new modulated structure of the monoclinic lattice. The modulation is crucial to the stability of the structure. Through refining the structure further by changing the modulation period, we find the structure whose x-ray powder diffraction pattern is in best agreement with the experimental pattern. We expect that the modulation period of the structure in the P-IV phase is very close to that found in this study and probably incommensurate.