Determination of the oxidative stability of vegetable oils by rancimat and conductivity and chemiluminescence measurements

Research paper by Bertrand W. Mathäus

Indexed on: 01 Aug '96Published on: 01 Aug '96Published in: Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society


The oxidative stability of five different oils was determined by Rancimat analysis with conductivity and chemiluminescence measurements for evaluation of the induction periods. Samples of oil, taken at intervals from the Rancimat apparatus, were used for chemiluminescence measurements. The chemiluminescence results were plotted vs. time, and the resulting curves were evaluated with a graphical tangential procedure in the same way as the curves of the Rancimat method (conductivity measurement). Induction periods of the oils assessed by Rancimat and chemiluminescence methods showed a significant linear correlation (r=0.9865). The temperature dependence of the induction periods evaluated by chemiluminescence and by conductivity was investigated with walnut oil. A marked temperature dependence was observed for both.