Determination of sodium and potassium concentrations in nanolitre samples

Research paper by F. Holzer, M. Hohenegger

Indexed on: 01 Jul '74Published on: 01 Jul '74Published in: Microchimica Acta


The analysis of error was carried out for sodium in concentrations from 40 to 400 meq/l, and for potassium in the range from 0.5 to 40 meq/1. The sample volume was about 1 nl. For each calibration curve five calibration points were measured eight times each. Each repetition was carried out by three partial measurements in order to find the interference effects between sodium and potassium. The parameters of the best straight line calculated by the method of weighted least-squares were estimated. Linearity was tested. By the low of propagation of error, the error in the calculated concentrations was estimated. At optimal settings of the instrument the relative error ranged from 25 to 4% for sodium and from 25 to 6% for potassium.