Determination of nitrite ions using test strips based on 3-hydroxy-7,8-benzo-1,2,3,4-terahydroquinoline

Research paper by V. M. Ostrovskaya, A. V. Tsygankov, O. A. Prokopenko, A. K. Buryak, E. A. Reshetnyak, N. A. Nikitina

Indexed on: 18 Jul '08Published on: 18 Jul '08Published in: Journal of Analytical Chemistry


RIB-Nitrite-Test and Sorbfil-Nitrite-Test strips were developed for determining nitrite ions in water samples and foodstuffs by a reaction similar to the Griess reaction. Stable and noncarcinogenic 3-hydroxy-7,8-benzo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline was used as an azo component adsorbed in the reagent paper zone on a polymeric support or on a Sorbfil plate sealed in a transparent polymeric film. Performance characteristics were evaluated by a statistical method for visual test procedures for the detection and determination of NO2− using two different test strips. The determination limit was 0.54 and 0.09 mg/L, and the detection limit was 0.50 and 0.08 mg/L, respectively.