Determination of fibre/matrix interfacial shear strength by an acoustic emission technique

Research paper by A. N. Netravali, Z. -F. Li, W. Sachse, H. F. Wu

Indexed on: 01 Jan '91Published on: 01 Jan '91Published in: Journal of Materials Science


The application of acoustic emission (AE) measurements to locate the sources of fracture of a single high-strength fibre embedded in an epoxy matrix which is loaded in tension is described. From the micromechanical model and the fragment length distribution, interfacial shear strength values were calculated. The technique is demonstrated for small-diameter glass and graphite fibres as well as for fibres which exhibit fibrillar fracture, such as Kevlar and PBZT. Good agreement is found between the mean fragment length values obtained by optical and AE measurements for glass and graphite fibres. Values obtained for interfacial shear strength by the AE technique are comparable with those obtained using other techniques.