Determination of carbon in soil by laser spectral analysis

Research paper by M. V. Bel’kov, V. S. Burakov, V. V. Kiris, V. A. Kononov, S. N. Raikov, V. N. Reshetnikov, N. V. Tarasenko

Indexed on: 25 Jun '08Published on: 25 Jun '08Published in: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy


We have used a combination laser/electrospark method for fast determination of carbon content in soil. Excitation of the spectra is carried out both directly in a laser ablation plume and when a pulsed electric discharge is applied to it. We have plotted a calibration curve that is linear for the major concentration range of practical importance for the analyte element, all the way up to 8.6%. The carbon detection limit for the combination discharge approach is 0.07%. We have analyzed the ratio of the nitrogen and carbon contents, and also the hydrogen and carbon contents as a function of the carbon concentration in the studied soils samples.