Détermination des paramètres d'Ångström par des observations actionmétriques courantes

Research paper by Mircea Herovanu

Indexed on: 01 Sep '59Published on: 01 Sep '59Published in: Pure and Applied Geophysics


By comparing the equalities expressing the solar flux within a wide spectral region on the assumption of an extintion within the atmospheric aerosol given by βαλ−α and that of an extintion represented by β1λ−1, a relationship is established by means of which: 1) The error is discussed which is done when the air opacity is expressed by β1, in the case when α≠1; 2) A simple and quick method is worked out for determining the parameters βα and α from actinometric observations, carried out within the spectral regions λ<525 mμ and 525 mμ<λ<625 mμ.