Detectionin situ of endophyte withinTricholoma matsutake/Pinus densiflora mycorrhizal roots

Research paper by Warwick M. Gill, Kazuo Suzuki

Indexed on: 01 Nov '00Published on: 01 Nov '00Published in: Journal of Forest Research


Tricholoma matsutake/Pinus densiflora mycorrhizas andP. densiflora roots were collected from beneath matureT. matsutake fruit-bodies in a Shiro in central Japan and investigated for evidence of endophytic infection.Tricholoma matsutake infection was determined microscopically on cleared, bleached and stained mycorrhizas by the presence of both a thin, discontinuous mantle and highly branched, sparingly septate Hartig net mycelium within the root cortex. Endophytic infection of Matsutake mycorrhizas was characterized by intracortical sclerotia, simple septate mycelium within the cortex and vascular cylinder and intracellular spore masses within the root cortex.