Detection of frequency red shifts and blue shifts for single-mode IR laser radiation in Rydberg matter

Research paper by L. Holmlid

Indexed on: 29 Sep '04Published on: 29 Sep '04Published in: Applied Physics B


Stimulated emission and laser gain were recently reported for the excited condensed matter Rydberg matter (RM). This shows that RM is in an excited and inverted state. A low-intensity single-mode IR laser beam is here red shifted in reflection from a layer of RM, and blue shifted when it passes through a cloud of RM. The shifts of approximately 0.02 cm-1 are observed with a temperature-stable Fabry–Pérot interferometer. The process giving the wavelength shifts is proposed to be stimulated Raman scattering. RM is here formed from Rydberg states of both K atoms and nitrogen molecules inside a vacuum chamber, and it may be in liquid or solid form.