Detection and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium bovis-like isolate from a newborn lamb in Spain.

Research paper by Luis L Navarro-i-Martinez, Alexandre J AJ da Silva, Fernando J FJ Bornay-Llinares, Iaci N S IN Moura, Carmen C del Aguila, Ana A Oleaga, Norman J NJ Pieniazek

Indexed on: 05 Mar '08Published on: 05 Mar '08Published in: The Journal of parasitology


Species of Cryptosporidium infect a broad variety of animals. Because morphological features of the secreted oocysts are not useful in identifying the parasite at the species level, molecular tools were used to accomplish this task, leading to discovery of new Cryptosporidium species. With the use of this approach, Cryptosporidium bovis has recently been described as a new species infecting bovines and several other hosts, but clearly distinct from C. parvum. In this report, we present a description of a Cryptosporidium sp. isolate from a newborn lamb from a farm in Spain. The isolate seemed to be very similar to C. bovis based on the analysis of the gene that codes for the 18S rRNA.