Detection and Identification of S. Carnosus in Starter Cultures Using Real Time PCR and Subsequent HRM Analysis of Amplification Products ☆

Research paper by Irina M. Chernukha, Mikhail Yu. Minaev, Konstantin A. Kurbakov, Dagmara S. Bataeva

Indexed on: 17 Mar '16Published on: 28 Sep '15Published in: Procedia Food Science


Nowadays, the necessity to control species composition of commercial starter cultures and their growth during the ripening stage of fermented sausage in order to monitor the technological processes has became topical in Russia. However, there can be some difficulties in identification of an isolated culture when using biochemical methods. Using primers for amplification of bacterial species-specific regions makes it possible to identify starter cultures with a high degree of probability even without using TaqMan probes. Furthermore, using intraspecies polymorphism of the gyrase B subunit gene, we managed to subtype two S. carnosus isolates with the use of HRM analysis.