Design principle of micromechanical probe with an electrostatic actuator for friction force microscopy

Research paper by Kenji Fukuzawa, Hiroaki Tsuji, Satoshi Hamaoka, Mitsuhiro Shikida, Shintaro Itoh, Hedong Zhang

Indexed on: 21 Jun '13Published on: 21 Jun '13Published in: Microsystem Technologies


It is important to understand friction force in micro/nano mechanical devices both at high sliding speed and with high lateral resolution. Dual-axis friction force microscopes that can provide high lateral resolution and accuracy have been proposed; however, the sliding speed is limited by the probe scan speed. While a micro mechanical probe (MMP) with an electrostatic actuator can overcome this problem, details of probe design have not been established yet. This paper presents the principle of the mechanical design for an MMP with high force sensitivity and sufficient drive force. The dimensions of the double cantilever beam control the spring constants, resonant frequencies, and drive force. The use of an actuated MMP enables accurate friction force microscopy at high sliding speeds, which is required for the design of micro/nano mechanical devices.