Design of a compact cw chemical HF/DF laser using a microwave discharge.

Research paper by L L Bertrand, J P JP Monchalin, R R Pitre, M L ML Meyer, J M JM Gagné

Indexed on: 01 Jun '79Published on: 01 Jun '79Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


A compact cw chemical HF/DF laser is described. The laser system consists of a microwave discharge using a surfatron to dissociate SF6 molecules mixed with He, a reaction chamber engineered to provide a fast mixing of reacting atoms and molecules, and an optical resonator which includes a concave mirror and a blazed grating for line selection, both mounted on a rigid Invar frame. The laser oscillates on a single line single TEM00 mode over many P transitions of HF and DF with a typical intensity fluctuation of 5% and a frequency jitter of about 30 MHz.