Design, modeling and testing of d 33 -mode surface-bondable multilayer piezoelectric actuator

Research paper by P Shivashankar, S Gopalakrishnan

Indexed on: 14 Mar '20Published on: 10 Mar '20Published in: Smart materials & structures


In this work, a surface-bondable multilayer piezoelectric actuator, which utilizes the ‘33’ electromechanical coupling for actuation, has been designed, modeled and tested. This actuator was developed to excite thick and stiff structures. The most commonly used form of piezoelectric actuator—the piezoelectric patches—are typically used for actuating thin beams, plates and shells. On the other hand, for actuating large, thick and stiff structures, piezoelectric stack actuators are preferred, due to their ability to generate larger block forces. But, unlike the piezoelectric patches, which are just bonded to the surface of the substructure with epoxy adhesive, the implementation of the stack actuators present certain drawbacks. Traditionally, the stack actuators have to be either integrated into the structure, or be utilized like an electrodyanmic exciter. Both of these methodologies of actuation are accompanied by several complications—large weight penalty being one of them—which...