Design and fabrication of a SU-8 based electrostatic microactuator

Research paper by Wen Dai, Kun Lian, Wanjun Wang

Indexed on: 11 Jul '06Published on: 11 Jul '06Published in: Microsystem Technologies


Comb-drive microactuator is widely used in MEMS devices and traditionally is made of silicon as structural material using silicon-based fabrication technology. Recent development in UV lithography of SU-8 has made it possible to fabricate the ultra high aspect ratio microstructures with excellent sidewall quality. In this paper, we report a low cost alternative to the silicon-based comb drive by using cured SU-8 polymer as structural material. The microactuator was designed to have a integrated structure without assembly or bonding. A unique integration fabrication process was successfully developed based on UV lithography of SU-8 and selectively metallizing SU-8 polymer structures. Preliminary experimental results have proved the feasibility of the microactuator and the fabrication technology.