Description of $^{178}$Hf$^{m2}$ in the constrained relativistic mean field theory

Research paper by Zhang Wei, Peng Jing, Zhang Shuang-Quan

Indexed on: 21 Oct '09Published on: 21 Oct '09Published in: Nuclear Theory


The properties of the ground state of $^{178}$Hf and the isomeric state $^{178}$Hf$^{m2}$ are studied within the adiabatic and diabatic constrained relativistic mean field (RMF) approaches. The RMF calculations reproduce well the binding energy and the deformation for the ground state of $^{178}$Hf. Using the ground state single-particle eigenvalues obtained in the present calculation, the lowest excitation configuration with $K^\pi=16^+$ is found to be $\nu(7/2^-[514])^{-1}(9/2^+[624])^{1}$ $\pi(7/2^+[404])^{-1}(9/2^-[514])^{1}$. Its excitation energy calculated by the RMF theory with time-odd fields taken into account is equal to 2.801 MeV, i.e., close to the $^{178}$Hf$^{m2}$ experimental excitation energy 2.446 MeV. The self-consistent procedure accounting for the time-odd component of the meson fields is the most important aspect of the present calculation.