Dermal Drug Delivery for Cutaneous Malignancies: Literature at a Glance

Research paper by Vandana Gupta, Piyush Trivedi

Indexed on: 19 Oct '15Published on: 19 Oct '15Published in: Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation


Cutaneous malignancies are the most common human cancers, and despite growing public awareness of the harmful effects of sun exposure, incidence and morbidity continue to rise which has generated great interest in unravelling of their aetiology and in the search for new non-invasive treatment strategies.A yearly increase in incidence of cutaneous malignancies has been reported since a long time worldwide, suggesting that prevalence of this cancer will soon equal that of all other cancers combined. Grouping of various skin lesions and malignancies under a common umbrella term poses challenges because clear differences exist in their aetiopathogenesis, clinical course and management strategies, suggesting the need of the novel and future therapeutic perspectives for the treatment from nanotechnology to immunotherapy.Moreover, treatment modalities should comprised of gold standards of the current recommended therapies worldwide and the actual needs of these patients.The overall goal of this review was to explore the approaches for cutaneous malignancies’ new technological methods instead of new molecules.