Derivations And Cohomological Groups Of Banach Algebras

Research paper by Kazem Haghnejad Azar

Indexed on: 19 Jul '10Published on: 19 Jul '10Published in: Mathematics - Functional Analysis


Let $B$ be a Banach $A-bimodule$ and let $n\geq 0$. We investigate the relationships between some cohomological groups of $A$, that is, if the topological center of the left module action $\pi_\ell:A\times B\rightarrow B$ of $A^{(2n)}$ on $B^{(2n)}$ is $B^{(2n)}$ and $H^1(A^{(2n+2)},B^{(2n+2)})=0$, then we have $H^1(A,B^{(2n)})=0$, and we find the relationships between cohomological groups such as $H^1(A,B^{(n+2)})$ and $H^1(A,B^{(n)})$, spacial $H^1(A,B^*)$ and $H^1(A,B^{(2n+1)})$. We obtain some results in Connes-amenability of Banach algebras, and so for every compact group $G$, we conclude that $H^1_{w^*}(L^\infty(G)^*,L^\infty(G)^{**})=0$. Let $G$ be an amenable locally compact group. Then there is a Banach $L^1(G)-bimodule$ such as $(L^\infty(G),.)$ such that $Z^1(L^1(G),L^\infty(G))=\{L_{f}:~f\in L^\infty(G)\}.$ We also obtain some conclusions in the Arens regularity of module actions and weak amenability of Banach algebras. We introduce some new concepts as $left-weak^*-to-weak$ convergence property [$=Lw^*wc-$property] and $right-weak^*-to-weak$ convergence property [$=Rw^*wc-$property] with respect to $A$ and we show that if $A^*$ and $A^{**}$, respectively, have $Rw^*wc-$property and $Lw^*wc-$property and $A^{**}$ is weakly amenable, then $A$ is weakly amenable. We also show to relations between a derivation $D:A\rightarrow A^*$ and this new concepts.