Deposition of Gold Particles on Mesoporous Catalyst Supports by Sonochemical Method, and their Catalytic Performance for CO Oxidation

Research paper by Nina Perkas, Ziyi Zhong, Judit Grinblat, Aharon Gedanken

Indexed on: 11 Sep '07Published on: 11 Sep '07Published in: Catalysis Letters


Supported gold catalysts on the mesoporous (MSP) metal oxides were prepared by a one-step, ultrasound-assisted reduction method, and characterized by XRD, HRTEM, EDX, BET, and XPS analysis. Their catalytic activities were examined in the oxidation of CO. Compared to the Au/Fe2O3(MSP) catalyst, the Au/TiO2(MSP) and Au/Fe2O3-TiO2(MSP) catalysts exhibited higher catalytic activity in the oxidation of CO at low temperatures. The high catalytic activity of Au/TiO2(MSP) was attributed to the metallic state of the gold nanoparticles, their small size (2–2.5 nm), and their high dispersion on the catalyst support.