Dependence of Forbush-decrease magnitudes on parameters of solar eruptions

Research paper by I. M. Chertok, A. V. Belov, V. V. Grechnev

Indexed on: 19 Jul '11Published on: 19 Jul '11Published in: Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics


By data of the 23rd solar cycle, it is shown that close statistical relations exist between quantitative parameters of dimmings and arcades caused by solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs), on the one hand, and magnitudes of non-recurrent Forbush-decreases of the galactic cosmic ray flux, as well as the propagation time of disturbances from the Sun to the Earth, on the other hand. Parameters of dimmings and arcades, in particular their summarized magnetic flux of the prolonged field at the photospheric level, were calculated by data of the EUV SOHO/EIT telescope in the 195 Å Received results mean that the scale, characteristics, and propagation time of interplanetary disturbances to the Earth are determined to a large degree by measurable parameters of solar eruptions and may be estimated in advance by observations of dimmings and arcades in the EUV range.