Dendrimeric calcium-responsive MRI contrast agents with slow in vivo diffusion.

Research paper by Serhat S Gündüz, Nobuhiro N Nitta, Sandip S Vibhute, Sayaka S Shibata, Martin E ME Mayer, Nikos K NK Logothetis, Ichio I Aoki, Goran G Angelovski

Indexed on: 11 Nov '14Published on: 11 Nov '14Published in: Chemical Communications


We report a methodology which enables the preparation of dendrimeric contrast agents sensitive to Ca(2+) when starting from the monomeric analogue. The Ca-triggered longitudinal relaxivity response of these agents is not compromised by undertaking synthetic transformations, despite structural changes. The in vivo MRI studies in the rat cerebral cortex indicate that diffusion properties of dendrimeric contrast agents have great advantages as compared to their monomeric equivalents.