Demonstrating a driven reset protocol for a superconducting qubit.

Research paper by K K Geerlings, Z Z Leghtas, I M IM Pop, S S Shankar, L L Frunzio, R J RJ Schoelkopf, M M Mirrahimi, M H MH Devoret

Indexed on: 22 Mar '13Published on: 22 Mar '13Published in: Physical review letters


Qubit reset is crucial at the start of and during quantum information algorithms. We present the experimental demonstration of a practical method to force qubits into their ground state, based on driving appropriate qubit and cavity transitions. Our protocol, called the double drive reset of population, is tested on a superconducting transmon qubit in a three-dimensional cavity. Using a new method for measuring population, we show that we can prepare the ground state with a fidelity of at least 99.5% in less than 3 μs; faster times and higher fidelity are predicted upon parameter optimization.