Dehn surgery, homology and hyperbolic volume

Research paper by Ian Agol, Marc Culler, Peter B Shalen

Indexed on: 06 Jul '09Published on: 06 Jul '09Published in: Mathematics - Geometric Topology


If a closed, orientable hyperbolic 3--manifold M has volume at most 1.22 then H_1(M;Z_p) has dimension at most 2 for every prime p not 2 or 7, and H_1(M;Z_2) and H_1(M;Z_7) have dimension at most 3. The proof combines several deep results about hyperbolic 3--manifolds. The strategy is to compare the volume of a tube about a shortest closed geodesic C in M with the volumes of tubes about short closed geodesics in a sequence of hyperbolic manifolds obtained from M by Dehn surgeries on C.