Deformations of cones of primitive vectors

Research paper by Sebastien Jansou

Indexed on: 22 Nov '05Published on: 22 Nov '05Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


For a complex connected reductive group G, we classify the simple modules whose cone of primitive vectors admits a nontrivial G-invariant deformation. We relate this classification to that of simple Jordan algebras, and to that (due to Akhiezer) of smooth projective varieties whose orbits under the action of a connected affine algebraic group are a divisor and its complementary. Our main tool is the invariant Hilbert scheme of Alexeev-Brion; we determine the first examples of it. We also determine the infinitesimal deformations (non necessarily G-invariant) of the cones of primitive vectors; they turn out to be trivial for most simple modules.