Defense Response to Pathogens Through Epigenetic Regulation in Rice

Research paper by Trung Viet Hoang, Kieu Thi Xuan Vo, Woo-Jong Hong, Ki-Hong Jung, Jong-Seong Jeon

Indexed on: 28 Feb '18Published on: 27 Feb '18Published in: Journal of Plant Biology


Epigenetic factors have recently emerged as key regulators of the defense response to pathogens in plants. The epigenetic mechanisms underlying defense regulation have been investigated mostly in Arabidopsis, while our understanding of the epigenetic regulation of defense in rice is limited. In this review, we summarize recent findings surrounding epigenetic mechanisms for defense in rice, primarily focusing on DNA methylation, histone modification, and small RNA regulation. In particular, we focused on RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) and other epigenetic regulatory mechanisms that are involved in disease resistance. Finally, we explored potential epigenetic factors that might regulate the defense response in rice by analyzing available microarray data that can be used to uncover details of epigenetics regulation.