Defect engineering in cubic cerium oxide nanostructures for catalytic oxidation.

Research paper by Neil J NJ Lawrence, Joseph R JR Brewer, Lu L Wang, Tai-Sing TS Wu, Jamie J Wells-Kingsbury, Marcella M MM Ihrig, Gonghua G Wang, Yun-Liang YL Soo, Wai-Ning WN Mei, Chin Li CL Cheung

Indexed on: 02 Jun '11Published on: 02 Jun '11Published in: Nano Letters


Traditional nanostructured design of cerium oxide catalysts typically focuses on their shape, size, and elemental composition. We report a different approach to enhance the catalytic activity of cerium oxide nanostructures through engineering high density of oxygen vacancy defects in these catalysts without dopants. The defect engineering was accomplished by a low pressure thermal activation process that exploits the nanosize effect of decreased oxygen storage capacity in nanostructured cerium oxides.