Deep sequencing of the transcriptome reveals inflammatory features of porcine visceral adipose tissue.

Research paper by Tao T Wang, Anan A Jiang, Yanqin Y Guo, Ya Y Tan, Guoqing G Tang, Miaomiao M Mai, Haifeng H Liu, Jian J Xiao, Mingzhou M Li, Xuewei X Li

Indexed on: 20 Jun '13Published on: 20 Jun '13Published in: International journal of biological sciences


Functional differences in the different types of adipose tissue and the impact of their dysfunction on metabolism are associated with the regional distribution of adipose depots. Here we show a genome-wide comparison between the transcriptomes of one source of subcutaneous and two sources of visceral adipose tissue in the pig using an RNA-seq approach. We obtained ~32.3 million unique mapped reads which covered ~80.2% of the current annotated transcripts across these three sources of adipose tissue. We identified various genes differentially expressed between subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue, which are potentially associated with the inflammatory features of visceral adipose tissue. These results are of benefit for understanding the phenotypic, metabolic and functional differences between different types of adipose tissue that are deposited in different body sites.