Deep Learning Driven Visual Path Prediction from a Single Image.

Research paper by Siyu S Huang, Xi X Li, Zhongfei Z Zhang, Zhouzhou Z He, Fei F Wu, Wei W Liu, Jinhui J Tang, Yueting Y Zhuang

Indexed on: 24 Jan '17Published on: 24 Jan '17Published in: IEEE transactions on image processing : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society


Capabilities of inference and prediction are significant components of visual systems. Visual path prediction is an important and challenging task among them, with the goal to infer the future path of a visual object in a static scene. This task is complicated as it needs high-level semantic understandings of both the scenes and underlying motion patterns in video sequences. In practice, cluttered situations have also raised higher demands on the effectiveness and robustness of models. Motivated by these observations, we propose a deep learning framework which simultaneously performs deep feature learning for visual representation in conjunction with spatio-temporal context modeling. After that, a unified path planning scheme is proposed to make accurate path prediction based on the analytic results returned by the deep context models. The highly effective visual representation and deep context models ensure that our framework makes a deep semantic understanding of the scenes and motion patterns, consequently improving the performance on visual path prediction task. In experiments, we extensively evaluate the model's performance by constructing two large benchmark datasets from the adaptation of video tracking datasets. The qualitative and quantitative experimental results show that our approach outperforms the state-of-the-art approaches and owns a better generalization capability.