Decay in visuomotor representations during manual aiming.

Research paper by Gordon G Binsted, Tyler M TM Rolheiser, Romeo R Chua

Indexed on: 15 Mar '06Published on: 15 Mar '06Published in: Journal of motor behavior


The time course of the decay of spatial representations used for planning and controlling manual aiming has not been established. The authors' purpose in the present investigation was to generate a psychometric function for memory-guided reaching movements. Eight university-aged students performed a reciprocal tapping task for 10 s. Participants could see the targets for 5 s; then, vision of the targets was occluded. The present findings provide mixed support for 2 prominent theories concerning memory representations. Variability increased concurrently with the removal of vision of the targets, supporting the real-time hypothesis. However, a brief plateau in the curve was apparent for approximately 2 s after vision was removed, consistent with the use of a highly accurate representation for action.