Darunavir concentrations in CSF of HIV-infected individuals when boosted with cobicistat versus ritonavir.

Research paper by Hanni H Bartels, Laurent L Decosterd, Manuel M Battegay, Catia C Marzolini

Indexed on: 03 Jun '17Published on: 03 Jun '17Published in: The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy


Cobicistat and ritonavir have different inhibitory profiles for drug transporters that could impact the distribution of co-administered drugs. We compared darunavir concentrations in CSF when boosted by cobicistat versus ritonavir relative to plasma concentrations and with WT HIV-1 IC 50 and IC 90 .An open, single-arm, sequential clinical trial (NCT02503462) where paired CSF and blood samples were taken from seven HIV-infected patients presenting with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) and treated with a darunavir/ritonavir (800/100 mg) once-daily regimen. Ritonavir was subsequently replaced by cobicistat and paired CSF and blood samples were obtained from the same patients after treatment with the darunavir/cobicistat (800/150 mg) once-daily regimen. Darunavir concentrations at the end of the dosing interval were quantified by LC-MS/MS.The median (IQR) darunavir concentrations in CSF with ritonavir and cobicistat boosting were 16.4 ng/mL (8.6-20.3) and 15.9 ng/mL (6.7-31.6), respectively ( P  = 0.58). The median (IQR) darunavir CSF:plasma ratios with ritonavir and cobicistat boosting were 0.007 (0.006-0.012) and 0.011 (0.007-0.015), respectively ( P  = 0.16). Darunavir concentrations in CSF exceeded the darunavir IC 50 and IC 90 by a median of 9.2- and 6.7-fold with ritonavir boosting, and by 8.9- and 6.5-fold with cobicistat boosting, respectively. All patients had darunavir CSF concentrations above the target inhibitory concentrations and remained virologically suppressed in the CSF and plasma.This small study shows that cobicistat and ritonavir give comparable effective darunavir concentrations in CSF, thus suggesting that these boosters can be used interchangeably in once-daily darunavir regimens.

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