Cytogenetic studies on submerged plants from the Yenisei River area in the zone of radioactive contamination

Research paper by E. N. Muratova, O. V. Goryachkina, M. G. Kornilova, A. V. Pimenov, T. S. Sedelnikova, A. Ya. Bolsunovsky

Indexed on: 12 Sep '14Published on: 12 Sep '14Published in: Biology Bulletin


Cytogenetic studies on three species of submerged plants from different parts of the Yenisei River area subjected to radioactive impact of the Krasnoyarsk Mining-and-Chemical Plant and the Electrochemical Factory have been conducted. A high level of irregularities in ana-telophase and metaphase of mitoses has been revealed in test samples compared to the control: agglutination and fragmentation of chromosomes, lagging chromosomes, bridges, fragments, misdivisions, and others. The nature of the disorders indicates that they are related in part to the direct damage to the chromosome structure and in part to damage to the spindle.